Adventure sports and canoe

Outdoor sports : Canoe, Paragliding, rock climbing...

From via-ferrata, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, to canyoning or horseback riding : nature has endowed Aveyron with amazing adventure challenges, making it a perfect playground open to all, respectful of the environment and easily accessible to numerous outdoor activities. Every year many sporting events taking place in the region as Caussenarde mountain bike, Naturals Games Festival in June and the end of October The Templiers Trail Festival . The Soleilo advise you in the choice of providers and offers rental harnesses for via ferrata and canoes. Enjoy the romance package theme Soleilo: formula sport and nature.

Canoe funzy Rock in Soleilo 

Flatwater or whitewater, live the experience of the canoe and let you paddle in hand, on the clear waters of these rivers that meander between canyons and valleys. Here you have the choice between ride over water or infernal descent, according to what you want.

A little break? so let your paddling partner and look around you fauna, vultures, landscapes, hilltop villages ... for a moment of discovery in the exceptional site of the Gorges du Tarn ...

Whether you are initiated or beginners, enthusiasts and amateur sports downhill walking over water, Team A water Soleilo Canoeing offers to test multiple pleasures offered Tarn (one of the most beautiful Canyon Europe) single, couple, family or friends. The Soleilo offers hiking in the Gorges du Tarn in a canoe or kayak in open range and introduce you to a business nature. These courses, open to all, do not present great difficulties, just swim and have more than 7 years.

The Soleilo offers to rent canoes and kayaking on 2 routes: 16 and 8 km and a combined via ferrata.
The Majestic: golf 16 km (Les Vignes Mostuejouls-2-4h) for an unforgettable and full of sensations in the heart of grandiose site of the Gorges du Tarn family day. Ideal for enjoying Gorges inside, contemplate, swim, picnic ... The slide des Vignes, the ark of Cinglegros the 107 villages after World Eglazines and St Marcellin, the village of sandpit and fast and finally the broken bridge of Rozier will be the highlights of your descent. Do not forget to smile at The Pit, you shoot to capture this moment!
Price: canoe: 15 € / pers. - Kayak: 16 € / pers.
Discovery: golf 8 km (The Pit-Mostuejouls: 1h30-3h) to initiate the canoe stroll and discover the river under the watchful eye and the majestic flight of vultures. The fast The Pit and the passage under the Broken Bridge Rozier "will undoubtedly be the highlight of your hike.
Price: canoe: 14 € / pers. - Kayak: 15 € / pers.
Handset: why not play card background and nature combine via ferrata, hiking and canoe down in the wake for a max of emotions. Route for the day: rando-via ferrata-rando-canoe.
Price: canoe: 25 € / pers. - Kayak: 26 € / pers. Remember to book the boat during your booking guest rooms!

Via ferrata 

Via ferrata in the rocky of Gorges du Tarn : ways equipped with cable channels, levels, monkey bridge and gateways to air and sometimes acrobatic characters. Via ferrata is a new form of recreational activity in the mountains that has, over time, find a place for hiking and climbing. 2 nearby sites ranked among the top 10 of via ferrata : The Liaucous and Boffi spots (with 2 courses each site easy and extremely difficult). The Soleilo is located at the foot of the via ferrata of Liaucous and offers harnesses for rent (10 € / pers.). Overlooking the Gorges du Tarn and Dourbie these two via ferrata will give you maximum feel with stunning views over the Causses du Larzac, Méjean, black Causse, the villages below in the valley or on Millau and its viaduct in the background. More grandiose panoramas, you can see flying raptors, vultures and eagles, as well as protected species craves red beaks that you rub shoulders on the cliffs of the via and above your head!

Bungee jumping

The bungee jumping is the activity to feel both more extreme and more accessible ... and for what emotions? Speed​​, anxiety, control, pride and those we can not express so much experience is strong. If the unknown vacuum seduces you, exceed your limits and dive into the most intense, exciting and unforgettable experience that you have never experienced or that you could not imagine. Jumps are supervised by professionals who have hundreds of jumps under their belts. The spot quality like the Gorges du Tarn: the 107 is recognized in France and in the world or a little lower on the bridge Alzon's on the Causse du Larzac: So go ahead and good luck!


From it emerged a few years ago, the canyoning been emulated in Aveyron, which became very popular for this sport sensations region. Take a deep breath and get started again in narrow canyons around the Tarn gorges, make a detour to visit the wild rivers Dourbie and south of the Lozere; program descent: recall under waterfalls, natural slides, jumps vertiginous, water rides, all that wilderness lined landscapes breathtaking, brief change of scenery and leaching for the same price!

Paraglider tandem flight

Paragliding, hang gliding, skydiving, all these disciplines, the town of Millau is made specialist, to the point of becoming the very famous capital, come play with the laws of gravity and fly over breathtaking landscapes breath in the middle of raptors. Discover the 3 high profile sites and internationally renowned: The Puncho of Agast, Brunas, Puech On Andan or discover these disciplines in tandem. The Soleilo you recommend the provider:

Mountain biking - cycling 

Biking in the gorges du tarn, closed the mouth and tighten the handlebar it will move! On the plateaus around Millau, downhill mountain biking in the woods or hillside what you expect, if you're looking for thrills, you will be served; if you are a more natural quiet, there is certainly also a way for you ... Laurent, a former practitioner and fervent raids advise you in the choice of ways and will offer several courses around of Soleilo.

Cycling: If you come spend time in Aveyron, do not forget your bike, you could lose a golden opportunity to discover more or less "sporting" the region where you are.

Drive SUV or 4x4

On a 1/2 day or 1 day, discover our regions otherwise. Driving your own SUV or 4x4 or 4x4 board our guide-driver vehicle you drive through the roads of our country.
Accompanied throughout your stay SUV / 4x4, enjoy exceptional and exclusive views in respect for others and nature. ORBS Experience - The Recoux 48500 Tel: 06 59 21 79 99 - Email: