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Falaise gorges de la JonteWhen discovering the region of the Gorges du Tarn for the first time, one is amazed by the variety and the beauty of the landscape : the Méjean plateau extending itself infinitely, the stone chaos of the Larzac, the dark forests couvering the Causse Noir, the breathtaking canyons of the Tarn and Jonte…

Here, Nature has caracter ! These unusual and wild territories form a vast playground where you can practice multiple outdoor activities and extreme sports as a family.
Discover an exceptional and well-preserved environment.

Welcome to the Gorges du Tarn !!!

Hiking and Nordic walking

The Soleilo is an ideal starting point for the most spectacular hikes through the three plateaus, the Causse Mejean the Causse de Sauveterre or The Causse noir. It is in te Rozier village that is the junction point of a vast network of trails backpacking: GR6A ramp connecting the GR6 Rozier on the Causse Mejean GR2 on the Black Causse, or the path of the Valley Tarn. Rozier is the starting point for many excursions on foot some sided cornice which are among the most prestigious - and spectacular-region.

Region Gorges and Causses is naturally suited to hiking, freely or guided by a mountain leader. Causses offer fantastic scenery seen from the top ledges overlooking the Tarn and Jonte. Hiking on flat trays parts reveal magical and magnificent sites that water has sculpted over time. There are many marked trails arround Mostuejouls (3h 7h) that allow you to appreciate the diversity of landscapes and understand the history of this region. You can cross the Causse Mejean or Causse of the middle, you will hike to explore the Black Causse, still covered in pine forests that give this color to it its name.

For lovers of hiking, trails countries marked yellow and red offer in 4-5 days around the Causse Mejean or around the Causse Sauveterre.
GR 6 offers stunning views of the western part of the Tarn Gorges.
The GR 44 crosses the Causse de Sauveterre from west to east to join the Mont Lozère.
The GR 60 follows the route of the old way of Aubrac, an old transhumance trail that crosses from south to north, the Causses Méjean and Sauveterre.

Trail running

The trail running is a sport of running on medium or long distance in a natural environment, usually on dirt roads and trails with elevation and high-tech ways.
You are quite hiker-trailer, heavy hitter in the ribs, you dream of flying downhill, contemplative or addicted to perfs: this is why Millau Area Trail offers a variety of circuits for a very diverse practice by making the most of richness of the land offered by the Grands Causses with no less than 270 km of marked trails and paths (Causse du Larzac, Causse noir, Causse Sauveterre). For an annual practice in the same Festival of Templiers, mythical race held in the region. All in 14 circuits 9 km to 40 km.
At the heart of the Parc des Grands Causses, Mostuéjouls and Peyreleau are 2 villages enjoy a special position. Paradise for climbers and hikers, these 2 villages perched are the preferred destination trailers. 3 plateaus on the outskirts of these villages: the Causse noir, Sauveterre and Mejean, the gorges of the Tarn and Jonte. Peyreleau is the starting point of the circuits 10 and 11 and is on the route of the ultra course, circuit No. 7, along 53 km. On Mostuéjouls proposed circuit No. 14 of 13.2 km. It is also the start of the Integrale des Causses, another trial of the Templiers race on 61 km with 3500 m of elevation gain. The Soleilo is the ideal place of accommodation for your workouts or one of your races.


Geocaching is a recreational hiking-that is to use the free technology (GPS) to find or hide a container (called "cache" or "geocache") in various locations around the world, especially in Aveyron anf Lozère near Gorges du Tarn and Mostuéjouls village. A typical geocache consists of a small container with waterproof and environment comprising a record of visits and one or more "treasures", usually worthless trinkets. Many geocaches are listed in our region: allowing you to experience spectacular scenery while having fun whatsoever on plateaus or in the Gorge or alternatively discover our beautiful villages.

Horse riding

Confirmed or novice rider, horse riding is another way to discover the landscapes of the high plateaux or valleys. Long rides or quiet walks in the woods, there is necessarily a formula for your thirst for adventure ...
At the crossroads of Grands Causses, the Aubrac and Lévézou 300 km of marked trails for horseback riding. 8 loops of 17 and 37 km are identified and are subject to each of them an individual record representing the path to a base map IGN. For each circuit you find particularly parking locations starting water points, coordinates accommodations and helpful and visitor information and


Fishermen will delight in the very popular Gorges du Tarn and Dourbie in Aveyron and Lozère: 2 departments where water is everywhere: 7000 km of rivers classified in 1st and 2nd class and 4,000 ha water bodies (lakes including 38 public Pareloup with its 1200 hectares to speak only of Aveyron).

Speaking of lake you imagine that ... but especially do not repeat! We were told that in the Lévezou pike are HUGE ...

Here, all fishing techniques are used: reel, fly at once, at launch ...
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Golf des Gorges du Tarn

Near the Gorges du Tarn and Aubrac, 2 km from the village Canourgue "Little Venice Lozerian", the course very hilly and wooded Golf Gorges du Tarn designed by Chris Pitman will seduce you with its unique setting and the quality of its greens. 18 holes, par 71, 5452m, 560m above sea level - Avenue des Gorges du Tarn, 48500 LA CANOURGUE - Tel: 04 66 32 84 00 - Site: