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sports aventure et canoë dans les Gorges du Tarn

Sporting adventures and canoe in the gorges of the Tarn

From paragliding to climbing, from via ferrata to canoeing, from canyoning to bungee jumping, nature has turned Aveyron and Lozère into a giant playground. You will develop in an amazing and preserved environment that favors the discovery of various outdoor activities.

Every year, the area hosts events, such as the Caussenarde, the Natural Games in June, and the Templar festival at the end of October.
The Soleilo will give you advice for you to choose your service provider and offers to rent harnesses for via ferrata, canoe kayak, electric VTT and kick scooters.

Enjoy the theme holidays package of the Soleilo: option sports and nature

Activities adventure sports

B&ABA Sports nature

B&ABA Sports nature

escalade montagne gorges du tarn

Speleology climbing

parcour via ferrata dans les gorges du tarn

Via ferrata

saut à l'élastiqueMillau

Bungee jumping

canyoning dans les gorges du Tarn



Free flight, paragliding and Hang-gliding

vtt vue gorges du Tarn

VTT - Bicycle tourism


Hike in a 4x4 SUV

sports nature et rando dans les gorges du Tarn

Nature sports and hiking in the Gorges of the Tarn

If you are discovering the Tarn Gorges for the first time, you will be surprised by the variety and beauty of the landscapes : the endless Méjean Causse, the rocky chaos of the Larzac, the dark forests that cover the Black Causse, the vertiginous gorges of the Tarn and the Jonte Gorges... Here, nature has character!
These wild and unique areas form a vast playground where many outdoor activities can be enjoyed by the whole family or in a highly sportive way.

Welcome to the Gorges of the Tarn!


Discover an exceptional and preserved environment.

paysage ado Aveyron

Hiking and Nordic walking

Trail foret gorges du Tarn

Trail or nature running

geocoaching gorges du Tarn


base de vtt dans les gorges du Tarn

VTT and electrical kick scooter hiking

rando équitation dans les gorges du Tarn

Horse riding

pêche à la mouche rivière Aveyron


parcours de golf dans les gorges du Tarn


parc de loisirs activités pleine nature près de Millau Aveyron


sports nautiques en Aveyron

Nautical sports in Aveyron

Windsurfing, catamaran sailing, dinghy sailing, rowing, and even paddle boats are well-developed on the Lévézou lake : enjoy the plenty of water sports facilities and opportunities!
Water-skiing and jet-skiing can also be practiced in certain areas.

The mounts and lakes of Lévézou are located between the valleys of the Tarn and Aveyron. It is the land of lakes and river dams. Many beaches are arranged for swimming on the lakes of Villefranche-de-Panat, of Pareloup on Salle Curan (Beach of the Vernhes and beach of Notre-Dame-d’Aures in Arvieux) or the lake of Pont-de-Salars (beaches of the Roussellerie and the Moulinoches).

Professionals of nautical leisure will offer you the possibility to try parasailing or tubing, to start or perfect rowing, windsurfing, sailing dinghy, catamaran, canoe, and even to pass your boating license.

planche à voile lac Aveyron

Windsurfing, wakeboard

bateau lac Aveyron

Sailing dinghy, Hobbie-cat, Optimist …

Speleology climbing

The Gorges of the Dourbie and the Tarn are full of different climbing sites : for beginners, for experts and for professionals on walls from 20 to 200 meters well exposed and equipped with many paths of different levels.

The relief in Aveyron offers great underground surprises and justifies the qualificative that Edouard Alfred Martel, the father of speleology, had about Millau : “the capital of the Causses, canyons and caves”.

And to our delight, the Grands Causses region boasts over 2,000 caves ... and how many more are there to discover?

Via ferrata

Rocky courses equipped with ropes, rungs, rope bridges, and footbridges of aerial and even acrobatic nature.

Via ferrata is a new type of playful mountain activity which after a while has found its place between hiking and climbing.

Two nearby sites are ranked among the top ten via ferratas: Liaucous and Le Boffi (with 2 routes on each site, one easy and one very difficult).

The Soleilo is located at the bottom of the Liaucous via ferrata and offers you harnesses for rent.
Overlooking the Gorges of the Tarn and the Dourbie, these two via ferratas will give you maximum thrills, with wonderful views of the Causses of the Larzac, Méjean, the Black Causse, the villages below in the valley or Millau and its viaduct as a background.
In addition to the spectacular views, you can see the raptor’s flight, vultures and eagles, protected species and red-billed choughs rubbing elbows with you on the via cliffs and right above your heads!

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is both the most extreme and accessible sensational activity.

Fastness, anxiety, controle, proudness… the experience is striking.

If the unknown of the void seduces you, go beyond your limits and immerse yourself in the most intense, exciting, and unforgettable experience you have ever lived and you can ever imagine.

Jumps are supervised by professionals with hundreds of jumps to their credit.

The Gorges of the Tarn is a quality spot : the 107 is recognized in France and worldwide, just a little lower on the Alzon’s bridge or the Larzac’s Causse.

Have a try and good luck!


Since its emergence a few years ago, canyoning has found followers in Aveyron, which has become a popular area to practice this thrilling sport.
Take a deep breath and plunge into the narrow gorges of the Tarn, and make a detour to visit the wild rivers of the Dourbie and the South of Lozère. On the descent program:
Abseiling under waterfalls, natural slides, vertiginous jumps, aquatic walks, all in a wild environment with breathtaking landscapes, a change of scenery is guaranteed!

Free flight, paragliding and Hang-gliding

Paragliding, hang-gliding and parachuting are all disciplines in which the town of Millau has become a specialist, to the point of being recognized as the capital. So come and play with the law of gravity and fly over breathtaking landscapes among birds of prey.
Discover 3 high level sites of international renown : La Poncho d’Agast, Brunas, and le Puech d’Andan, or discover these disciplines for the first time.

VTT - Bicycle tourism

Close your mouse and grab the handlebars, this is going to be intense! On the Causses around Millau, there are hellish VTT descents in the undergrowth and you can go at full speed on the side of a hill. This is what awaits you! If you are a thrill-seeker, you will be delighted; if you are naturally calmer and looking for family experiences, there are also VTT rides supervised by a monitor made for you.
SUN VTT CANOE offers you its supervised VTT and scooter tours
. Laurent, a former player and initiated in multisport raids, will advise you in the choice of your trips and will propose you different routes around the Soleilo and Mostuéjouls.

Cyclo touring : If you are staying in Aveyron, don’t forget your bike - you could be missing out on a golden opportunity to discover the region you’re in, more or less sportingly.


Hike in a 4x4 SUV

During a half day, 1, 2,3,4 days or more, come to discover our areas in a different way. While driving your SUV vehicle or 4x4 or aboard one of our 4x4 with a guide driver, you will travel our country roads.

Accompanied throughout your stay by your SUV/4x4, you'll be able to enjoy exceptional and exclusive landscapes while respecting others and nature.

Randonnée et marche nordique

The Soleilo is the ideal starting point for the most spectacular hikes and family walks in the three Causses, the Méjean Causse, the Sauveterre or the Black Causse. Le Rozier is at the juncture of a large network of long-distance hiking trails : The GR6A access road connects the Rozier to the GR6 on the Méjean Causse, the GR2 on the Black Causse, or the path of the Valley of the Tarn.
The Rozier is the starting point of many hiking outings; some of them on the side of a cliff are among the most prestigious and spectacular in the country.
Possible welcome in the option Group vacation cottage at the Soleilo.

The land of the Gorges and the Causses is naturally suited to hiking, free or guided in a medium mountain. The Causses offer fantastic views from the heights of the cliffs overlooking the Tarn or the Jonte. The semi-troglodytic hamlets of Eglazines and Saint Marcellin are also waiting to be discovered. Hikes on the flatter parts of the plateau reveal enchanting and spectacular sites sculpted by the water. Around Mostuéjouls, there are many walks (from 3 to 7 hours) where you can appreciate the diversity of the landscape and understand the history of the country. You will be able to cross the Mejean Causse or the Middle Causse to discover hermitages and vultures. You can also walk in the Black Causse still covered by the pine forests that give it its color and its name.

For the lovers of long-distance hikes, the yellow and red signposted trails will take you around the Mejean Causse or the Sauveterre in 4 to 5 days.
The GR6 offers astonishing views of the western part of the Tarn Gorges.
The GR44 crosses the Sauveterre Causse from west to east to reach the Lozère mountain.
The GR60 follows the path of the old Aubrac Draille, an old transhumance route that crosses the Mejean and Sauveterre Causses from south to north.

Trail or nature running

Trail or nature running is a running sport over medium to long distances, in a natural environment, generally on dirt roads and hiking trails with technicity and gradient difference.
If you are more of a hiker, a dynamic runner in the hills, you dream of flying in the descents, contemplative or crazy for performance, the Millau Trail Space offers you different itineraries that will allow you to enjoy a truly varied training. You can exploit the richness of the terrain offered by the Great Causses with more than 270 km of marked and signposted trails (Larzac Causse, Black Causse and Sauveterre Causse). For an annual exercise in the fief of the Templars, a mythical run is organized in the area. The whole represents 14 circuits from 9 to 40 kilometers.
In the heart of the Great Causses Park, Mostuéjouls and Peyreleau benefit from an exceptional location. A paradise for climbers and hikers, these 2 hilltop villages are the privileged destination of trailers. 3 Causses are at the doors of these villages: the Black Causse, the Sauveterre and the Mejean, the Gorges of the Tarn and the Jonte’s. Peyreleau is the starting point of trails 10 and 11 and is located on the route of the Ultra, the 7, which is 53 kilometers long. In Mostuéjouls, there is track number 14, long of 13.2 kilometers. It is also the start of the “intégrale des Causses”, another ordeal of the Templars on 61 kilometers with 3500 meters of altitude. The Soleilo is the ideal place to stay for your accommodation for your training or one of your races.


Geocaching is a hobby hiking consisting in using the technology of geopositioning by satellite (GPS) to find or hide a container (called “cover” or “geocover”) in various places around the world and especially in Aveyron and Lozère near the Gorges of the Tarn and Mostuéjouls. A typical cover consists of a small waterproof container that can withstand its environment containing a visit register with one or more treasures, generally knick-knacks without value. Various geocovers are registered in our area, allowing you to discover spectacular landscapes while enjoying the Causses, the gorges, and the discovery of our beautiful villages.


VTT and electrical kick scooter hiking

In the South of Aveyron and Lozère, cross country or VTT hiking is practiced on various soils, between the Causses and the Gorges. There are many registered VTT tracks, including 11 around Millau. There are even some departures from the Soleilo in Mostuéjouls. These VTT routes, more or less technical and terraced, cross rich areas in natural, historical, and human heritage. They are of particular interest in terms of sport, culture, and landscape and are accessible alone, with the family, or with friends, whatever your level. We propose VTT hikes supervised by qualified monitors. To enjoy this fun and playful activity, you can also practice the electrical VTT and kick scooter that you can rent with SUN VTT CANOE.


Horse riding

Whether you are a confirmed rider or a beginner, horse riding is another way to discover the landscapes of the great Causses or the steep valleys. Lover of long or quiet rides in the woods, there is certainly an option to suit your adventurous character… Discover the riding school of the Sonnac in La Cresse with Sylvia to enjoy rides between the Causses, the Gorges of the Tarn, and the Dourbie.
At the crossroads of the Great Causses, Aubrac, and Lévézou, 300 kilometers of marked-out trails are made for horse riding. Eight loops from 17 to 37 kilometers are registered, and each one is the subject of an individual record representing the route on an IGN background map. For each journey, you will find the location of starting parking lots, water spots, accommodation details, and useful touristic information.


Anglers will find their happiness in the very popular Gorges of the Tarn and the Dourbie, in Aveyron and Lozère : 2 departments where water is omnipresent. There are 7000 kilometers of first and second category waterways, and 4000 hectares of lakes (38 public lakes including the Pareloup Lake which represents 1200 hectares in Aveyron alone). With the opening of the fishing season in mid-March, the Soleilo offers you private access to the Tarn River and excellent and charming accommodation in Mostuéjouls.

Speaking of lakes, would you believe it… but don’t repeat it! It is said that pikes in the Lévezou are absolutely huge …

Every fishing technique is used here : reel, fly fishing, strike fishing, casting …

Golf of the Tarn Gorges

Near the Gorges of the Tarn and the Aubrac, the hilly and wooded route of the Golfe of the Tarn Gorges, designed by Chris Pitman, will seduce you by its exceptional surroundings and the quality of its greens. It is located 2 kilometers away from the village of Carnougue nicknamed “the little Venice in Lozère”. 18 holes, by 71, 5452 meters, 560 meters of altitude.

Windsurfing, wakeboard

Less than 2 hours away from the sea, the Lévézou Lakes benefit from exceptional wind conditions all year long. On stormy days, you will run into some sailing enthusiasts, even in winter!

Sailing dinghy, Hobbie-cat, Optimist…

Many nautical bases are scattered around the large lakes and the monitors will be happy to share with you the passion of nautical sports through windsurfing lessons, open to everyone. However, if you are an experienced sailor, you will be able to explore every corner of the lakes, especially Lake Pareloup, which is famous for its regattas and wind conditions.


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