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Aveyron is a food lover…


This country is full of local products : from vine to cheeses, from meat to pastries, Aveyron is a food lover.
To imperatively discover: the aligot made of sweet potatoes and fresh tome, and the estofinado, a sumptuous version of the “brandade de morue”, a salt cod and potato mash.
But there is more: warm “farçous” and “tripoux”, “fouace” or spit cakes, and the list is far from complete…

Restoration options at the Soleilo


Its summer kitchen with plancha : craving grilled food and eating outside, the outdoor kitchen will allow you to prepare your meals outside while enjoying the garden and the sun. You’ll share enjoyable, charming, and friendly moments.

Regional platters: if you're in the mood for something gourmet, why not try Soleilo's regional platters, which include charcuterie and cheeses from Aveyron and Lozère, a hot dish such as gratin or tart, a homemade dessert and wine.
Prices: 30€ per person
Reservations required at least 48 hours in advance, so remember to book in advance!

Restaurants or inns


Since 2010, the “gastronomic French meal” has been recognized as an intangible cultural heritage by Unesco, and the meal from Aveyron is an amazing illustration of it.

From the rural inn with a single menu to a restaurant recognized in the “Michelin Guide”, meals are festive, and all guests practice the “art’ of eating and well-drinking.
The icing on the cake is the price-quality ratio, which is often amazing.
Concerning the half-board (during the weekend or for the week), the Soleilo can also take care of your reservations, depending on your wishes.

Local traditions


The night-time markets

A mix of smells and savors.

Wines from Aveyron

Former grape varieties are given pride of place.

Aveyron is like a cheese platter!

An amazing diversity of cheeses!

Michelin-starred chefs

Michelin-starred chefs or other chefs of Gault and Millau

In Aveyron, tripous are even for breakfast!

An original experience typical of Aveyron.

A word, a story

The aligot, a typical dish of Aveyron.

A mix of smells and savors

Walking in markets mixing smells and savors, sitting at the table of a night-time market, filling the picnic basket for tomorrow’s excursion: in Aveyron, markets represent a tradition where you can find fresh and various products from local producers.

Liaucous market : every Tuesday on the evening.
and Millau markets : every Monday evening.

Wines from Aveyron

Former grape varieties are given pride of place regarding typical wines :

  • “Le Fer Servadou” or “Mansois” for the AOC Marcillac (rosé and red wines), which recently passed its 20th birthday.
  • Mauzac and Chenin for wines from Entraygues Le Fel and d'Estaing

Without forgetting the “côtes de Millau” and last but not least, the “Vin de Pays de l’Aveyron” (Country wine of Aveyron).

Aveyron is like a cheese platter!

In the south, cheeses are made of sheep’s milk such as the tomes, the pérails, the blue of Causses, and the Roquefort, which is the most famous cheese from Aveyron.

In the North, cheeses are made of cow’s milk like the laguiole and the Ecir.

Way more to the West, goats are the ones pleasing you with the “cabécous”.

Discover the local taste while enjoying this amazing diversity of cheeses!

Michelin-starred chefs

Michelin-starred chefs or other chefs of Gault and Millau are the standard-bearers of a local gastronomy which earned the department its stripes in terms of good restaurants.
A reputation gained in the various kitchens of the department.

Chefs, with Michel Bras as a skilled ambassador, make Aveyron appetizing!

In Aveyron, tripous are even for breakfast !

It is impossible to travel in Aveyron without tasting the “tripous” during breakfast, lunch, and dinner…
Yes, you read well !
During breakfast !
To live an original experience, absolutely typical from Aveyron, go to a village party (one occurs almost every weekend during summer).
Starting at 8 A.M, the “tripous” are served even during breakfast.

A word, a story

The aligot : this specialty of Aveyron is part of those dishes that convey a strong image of heat and friendliness.

In addition, a real staging, due to the necessity for this dish to be a success, to turn the preparation and hold it up with a big stick before reaching the ideal unctuosity.
A work necessitating an incredible dexterity.

A mix, whole together, of strength, tenacity but also of sharpness in the art of airing and softening this particular purée.


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