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Wellness area & Spa The Soleilo in the Gorges of the Tarn

Delight shielded from the world …


Moments of complete relaxation and well-being in our bed and breakfasts surrounded by nature in the Gorges of the Tarn in Mostuéjouls.

Let yourself be enchanted…

The Soleilo opens the doors of its “Well-being and interior Spa” area

  • Spa : 4 to 6 people
  • Hammam : 4 to 6 people
  • Massage area : non therapeutic relaxing Californian massage
  • Outside areas with a swimming pool, spa, trampoline, ping-pong table, garden, reclining chair, and an outdoor kitchen with a plancha to prepare great meals on-site at the Soleilo!

At the Soleilo, you will regain a taste for calmness, reconnect with yourselves, listen to each other, and enjoy your life.
Come to relax in this new “Well-being and Spa” area in a welcoming and design deco with its outside swimming pool and spa… and discover.

Allow yourself a regenerating hammam!


The benefits of a hammam are the pleasure of the body and the mind, a feeling of purity and well-being thanks to a smooth essence of eucalyptus for soothing virtues.
An Oriental legacy of ancient customs, the hammam is a steam bath at 40°C. In a refined decor, the heat, full at 100% humidity, leaves a feeling of softness.

Relax and enjoy the inside spa


Give yourselves over to the discovery of a smooth life enjoyment, wrapped in the music, the water and the bubbles.
What can be considered better than smoothly lazing around in a spa!

  • Hearing : speakers inside the spa… special “Soleilo playlist”
  • Sense of smell : magic potions made of essential oils
  • Sight : design, color therapy, light game
  • Touch : 48 micros-buses for a delicate massage
  • The taste ... to discover in another chapter!

Well-being halt with a relaxing massage


It is invigorating, fortifying, bracing, relaxing, stimulating … Qualificatives don’t lack to praise the benefits of “Californian” massages (non-therapeutic relaxing massages).
The Californian massage is a massage of physical and psychical relaxation by the awakening of sensibility and by the knowledge of your body.
Ideal after a sportive day in a canoe, hike, or trail.

Outside the guesthouse : one spa and one pool


A little bit of coolness in summer!
The outside pool and spa, included in your bed and breakfast rent, are at your disposal from June to the end of September (depending on the weather).
Our octagonal outside pool of 6 by 6 meters is covered by a removable composite patio.
Outside areas are also equipped with armchairs and reclining chairs.

Rates Espace bien-être

The Hammam… Plunge into a steam bath.

It favors the relaxation of the muscular tonus, helps breathing along, and makes sleeping easier.
It firms up the skin, opens the pores, and prepares it for massages.

Inside Spa

Innovative technology and next-generation balnéo bathtubs stimulate every one of your senses.
The combined effects of heat, weightlessness, and massage are the three ingredients for relaxation and well-being.
Warm water will enable you to relax and recover serenity along with a better emotional balance.


Application of relaxing and perfumed essential oils : slow, gentle, and wide or tonic massage according to the client’s request.
The Californian massage takes action on different levels: the mind, the body, and the feeling.
It provides many benefits: a better psychological balance, the elimination of negative states such as anxiety, tension, fear, and stress, a better understanding and acceptance of your body, and a relaxation of the muscles and of the entire body.

Wellness area´s price for 1h  :
Access to the  wellness area : from 18h to 20h30

Spa Package 40 € / 2 people
Hammam Package 40 € / 2 people
Massage Package 65 € H / people

Privatization of the wellness area:
for a minimum of three nights’ stays

Privatization area
Package 85 €
Privatization area
day 4h00
Package 125 €

Children's cot - 2 years FREE

For the “Option prestige holiday cottage Sun & Water” renting, the price is included in the global rent with free access.


Chemin du Valat
12720 Mostuéjouls

Le Soleilo
Chemin du Valat, 12720 Mostuéjouls - FRANCE
(+33) 06 22 84 61 00
coordonnées gps : 44,2030508 (N 44°12'11'') - 3.1823820 (E 3°8'57'')